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Car Hire Comparison

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Car Hire

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Compare Car Hire & Save Money

There are plenty of good car hire companies to choose from, and you can pre-book online, phone up or go for one stationed at an airport. There can be quite a gap in price depending on how you book, and it is certainly worth shopping around and getting quotes from different care hire specialists.

At Every Comparison, we try to make it easier to find the right company with the right deal.  We show you the companies that often promote car hire offers and deals, and we give you a quick, simple way to get to their site and get started on your own quote.  It might seem like it will take longer, but looking at the different prices and trying out different options will benefit you and could make you a huge saving.

Some websites show you car hire as part of a package with other aspects of your travel, such as hotel or flights, so it might be worth looking at a whole package deal.  A lot of booking agents and booking websites will offer a good value package which can often prove hard to resist.

Top 5 Tips to Save on Car Hire

We have put together our Top 5 Tips which should help you get a better deal and save money.  Some of these might seem obvious, but they have made the list because they are tried and tested and will hopefully benefit you when you look to book your car hire online. 

5. Watch for hidden fees –Check for added charges, watch out for excesses and read through terms and conditions.  That might seem boring, but it is for your benefit, and if you find that hidden fees make a deal much more expensive than you realised, then look for something else and it could save you a lot of money. 

4. Check the extras – Car hire firms often offer an array of extras, and some are added as standard.  These could include various types of additional cover, but you might realise that you have no need for any of them.  See if you can have extras removed, if you deem them unnecessary, but do remember that some of them could be useful. 

3. Pre book your car hire – There are going to be car hire firms stationed directly at most airports, but because they are essentially ‘on demand’ hire, you will often find their prices are steep.  Pre-book online and you are likely to get a much better deal, and it gives you more time to read the documents and look for any additional fees or extras you might be able to avoid.

2. Find out about fuel – Check on the company’s policy regarding fuel; you need to know if they expect a full tank returned, and whether they will have it filled up when you arrive.  Fuel can be a major additional expense, and a good deal might turn out to be disappointing and expensive if you don’t ensure you know these kinds of details.

1. Shop around and compare – Look around for different prices, and you give yourself a much better chance of getting a good value deal.  It can take a little longer than just going with the first company you find, but the extra effort can translate into extra money to spend elsewhere.  Compare prices to save, and keep a note of all the best quotes you get so it’s easier to see the best option.  Remember to account for any additional fees and car hire extras.

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